Flaw Detecting

pipe close up

Ultrasonic inspections of welds, pins, beams, forgings.

Survey NZ is qualified to conduct ultrasonic testing level 2 (welding and nodes & nozzles). Our flaw detecting services include boiler inspections, thickness tests, and more.

We provide a quality professional service. This means you can expect high quality work from us, including thickness tests of:

  • Pressure vessels
  • Boilers
  • Ship hulls
  • Bridge support beams
  • Building supports
  • Standing static oil tanks
  • Crane parts
  • LPG tanks, and
  • Welds.

What makes our work different from others is that with our ultrasonic testing, we only need access to one side. We can do boiler inspection without having to shut down your plant or close off an area. What’s more, you get instant results.

Using both Olympus and Krautkramer testing equipment, as well as a vast range of probes, we can do most jobs in an unmatched way.

crack testing right side