Crane Inspections

tower cranes

Mobile, VMTLC, ohtc, scotch derrick, goliath, container cranes, container lifters

Survey NZ provides active crane inspections, load testing, and other preventive crane maintenance programs. Ensure the safety and reliability of your operations and make sure you are complying with the latest statutory requirements by working with us.

We do inspections and testing on all cranes:

  • Mobile
  • OHTC
  • Goliath
  • Lattice
  • Scotch Derrick
  • Heritage (including the largest steam operated crane in the world)
  • Elevated work platforms
  • Ships lifting equipment (MNZ approved)
  • Port Container Lifters

Whether you’re the owner or operator, safety and reliability needs to be ensured before using the equipment. That is where our services can help.

We are Nelson’s No. 1 company that conducts calibration, design verification, inspections on hoists, lifting equipment, crane inspection, load testing, verification, and certification. We offer unrivalled expertise, experience, and equipment to conduct professional statutory inspection.

When working with us, there’s no need to have a known weight as we have a certified load cell for conducting load tests. We have a library of design approvals for VMTLC and other common cranes.