Terry & Jean Reynolds founders of Survey NZ

After being a Chief Engineer on ships travelling the world, Terry joined the Ministry of Transport, Marine Division and began his career as a Surveyor of Ships/Engineer Surveyor in 1987.

Then in 1992, he moved to Nelson with his wife Jean and son Neil.

In charge of sorting out the problems the Marine Division had in Nelson, he established himself as a very accomplished Surveyor.  The Marine Division split away from surveying so he then went on to start his own Survey company. 

At that time Jean had a crash course in Quality Systems as Survey Nelson was recognised as a Safe Ship Management company under Maritime New Zealand.  This came to an end in 2011 after a lengthy legal battle with Maritime NZ which saw Survey Nelson reinstated, but sadly financially unable to continue.

2002 saw the beginnings of Survey New Zealand specialising in hazardous equipment inspection.  Terry relished this opportunity to indulge his passion for steam.  He oversaw the total rebuild of many old boilers and steam engines.  Indeed there was the annual trip to Ashburton for a hoon on the trains which was a must do for Jean, as well as the Pigeon Valley live days and many more.

Between him and Jean they established a good client base, which eventually meant he had more work than he could handle so extra staff joined the team.

Terry loved gadgets so becoming a UT technician came naturally to him.  He was very proud of what he managed to accomplish, especially as he was decidedly dyslexic and could hardly read and write.

Tragically in October 2017 he was killed while assisting with the inspection of a lift.  He died on the 19th October leaving Jean with the task of running the business.

It soon became apparent the loss of Terry and his lifetime of knowledge impacted on everything and Jean found she could not continue with the training and supervision of the lads to the same degree as Terry.

Dean Van Buuren agreed to continue what Terry had started so in February 2018 Dean took over the business complete with all the staff and the clients.

Terry, Jean and Maggie (steam roller at his funeral)

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