Pressure Equipment

heritage boiler top

Boilers and Pressure Vessels

In-service inspections to AS/NSZ3788 and the PECPR and the relevant Code of Practice.

Our survey services include new installations including new imported pressure vessels and new construction of boilers and pressure vessels; pressure equipment inspection; Repair/modifications of boilers and pressure vessels. We do not provide design approvals, but have a good working relationship with those that do.

Overseeing new pipe work, both refrigeration and steam. Annual statutory inspections, of all pressure equipment both internal and external.

Three-monthly statutory testing of limited attendance and un-attended boilers.

Currently in the process of over-seeing the complete rebuild of a 1924 Steam Locomotive fitted with super heaters and a 1904 Traction Engine. We support and provide our services to the various Museums and heritage trusts at cost. Our local Pigeon Valley Steam Museum, free. We are passionate about keeping these amazing old machines working. Our expertise in Ultrasonics is a superb tool for helping us determine the condition of these old boilers. This means we can do inspections on pressure equipment and boilers without problems or delays.

We have a series of certified Pressure Gauges and an electric Hydro test pump capable of +1000psi.