Mechanical & Engineering Compliance - providing:

- Statutory Equipment Inspections of Pressure Equipment & Cranes
- MEWP 6 mthly HV, 2 yrly AE, 6 mthly safety & 5/10 yr major inspections
- Welding Inspection
- Welder Qualification Testing
- Non-Destructive testing,
- Engineering Consulting


Terry Reynolds - previous Guru, Director, Engineer Surveyor extraordinaire  had been inspecting Boilers, Cranes, Lifts, Welding and Pressure Equipment for over eighteen years before setting up Survey NZ as an Inspection Body in its own right. That was 2004, now over 18 years later his name and reputation are well known throughout the industry. With the sudden accidental death of Terry in 2017, the business has been purchased by Dean Van Buuren and continues to operate under the management of Shane Hesselwood.

Survey NZ operates an accredited Quality Management System to ISO 17020 

Survey NZ aims to provide quality, prompt, reliable service at reasonable cost to its clients. We provide professional Equipment, Welding and NDT inspection services in the Nelson, Marlborough, Westcoast areas, but will travel at our clients request, and of course other areas of NZ and overseas can utilise our vast resource of staff at other branches.


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    Shane Heselwood (Director/General Manager)
    Susan Kloff (Office Administrator)
443c Nayland Road Nelson, 7011
Phone: 03 547 4069 | Maps & Directions