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Welding Inspection & Qualification Testing

Survey NZ offers a full suite of professional welding inspection and welder qualification services.

We provide a complete service you can trust, and assist you throughout the entire process of building your welding procedure (WPS). At the end of the project, we will provide a made-up folder containing your WPS, all the Welders Procedure Qualification Records(PQR), test certificates, and Welder Qualification Certificates.

Expect only the best service from us:

Qualification of welding procedures and welding inspection on all types of equipment to the relevant standards or specification acceptance criteria.

We can perform Volumetric NDT in lieu of mechanical testing on welder qualification testing for example: radiographic testing and ultrasonic testing.

Part of our services includes procedures (WPS); AS/NZS1554 parts 1-6; AS/NZS1665; AS/NZS3992; AS/NZS 2980; ASME IX; and ISO 9606-1

 We are happy to conduct welding inspection and qualification tests anywhere in New Zealand or overseas including Pacific Islands.